What’s the process of working with an architect like?

Great question! Keep in mind that each architect will have a process that best suits them. Here we describe what the process of working with us will most likely be like:

  • Frist, we like to have our first meeting with you at your house, our office, or the future building site to get our “lay of the land”. At that first meeting we’ll introduce ourselves and get a sense of the initial project goals, budget, and schedule.

  • After that first meeting we’ll follow up via email with a formal proposal with the defined fees and scope of work to complete your project. Once you decide to move forward then the fun part starts!

  • We’ll start the survey part of our journey by gathering all the initial measurements, data, and any relevant information about your project.

  • Afterwards, we’ll start the design process that will then move forwards through a coordination process to start “sharpening our pencils” into more and more detail for your project.

  • In the final phase we’ll work to finalize the permit/construction documents while also working with our clients to obtain a bid for construction. After the team (owner, architect, and builder) are on board then the time for the vision to come to life has come!

  • If desired we’ll stay on board through construction to ensure your project wraps up on time and under budget.

And that's a quick and simplified review of our architectural service process! If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

What do your fees include?

Our fees include a host of services that vary based on project need but primarily include an initial schematic design phase followed by a design development phase that is wrapped up by preparing construction documents.

Our fees do not include engineering services (structural, environmental, mechanical, electrical or plumbing) as we subcontract out that work to a familiar and expert group of local engineers.

If needed, we offer additional services for historical consultation, architectural review board presentations, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration.

Are you a contractor?

No, we are architects. We sketch, draw, draft and build really nice models but don’t swing hammers (at least from 9-5). We love working with local contractors and can recommend a host of local builders that we enjoy working with.

So you work with contractors?

If you're still needing a contractor for your project we can help! This will be discussed with you according to your project needs.

I'm interested but I have more specific questions about my project, can we meet?

Absolutely! Fill out our "Start A Conversation" form and we will get back to you to set a meeting up.