What’s the process of working with Bemberg Architecture?

Great question! We'll summarize our process with the following topics:

Preliminary Dialogue
($150 for initial meeting)

Feasibility Research
(fee tbd based on scope)

Project Design
(fee % of construction costs based on scope)

Permit/Construction Drawings
(fee % of construction costs based on scope, additional hours outside of proposal billed per hour)

And that's a quick summary of our architectural service process! If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Are you a contractor?

No, we are architects. We sketch, draw, draft and build really nice models but don’t swing hammers (at least from 9-5). 

I'm interested but I have more specific questions about my project!

No problem! Fill out our "Start A Conversation" form and we will get back to you about setting up a meeting.