Who we are

Bemberg Architecture is a growing St. Louis based architectural practice that is passionate about bettering our community through responsive design that is focused on efficiency and resilience. We design and permit a wide range of projects that range from small residential renovations to large scale mixed use buildings. Bemberg Architecture has experience with Adaptive Reuse projects for both residential and commercial buildings, historical renovations, custom single family homes, apartment layout design & development, residential additions, and interior renovations. Our goal with working with clients is to discover economical and efficient solutions while always respecting their initial vision and desires to create lasting and beautiful places to live, work, create, and play.

Why choose us

We know that you can pick countless of large organizations that provide architectural, design, and general contracting services in a singular packaged (albeit high) fee. So why choose us? To start, our values. We value:


We are respectful of the history and culture of the neighborhoods, cities and locals where we practice. It is a key belief of Bemberg Architecture to learn from, question and preserve (where appropriate) the buildings, objects and businesses that contribute to the character of a place. At the same time, it is imperative that we have a dialogue with both the people and places in which we practice so that we provide a seat for everyone at the design table for a more equitable and collective design.


The Bemberg family has a long history of frugal living. Whether this mentality has been reinforced by recent global economic down turns or some deep seeded penchant for caution, this mindset is a foundational principle of our architectural practice. We strive to find pragmatic, economical, and essential solutions to architectural problems to always keep our client’s budget at the forefront of our process.


Architecture should respond to the needs of the present while also providing a flexible and adaptable design that can respond to future expansion or evolution. We are ever mindful of the lifecycle of our projects and aim to provide designs that can easily adapt to future needs without requiring massive structural interventions that cause undue cost and waste.


Where we work, who we work for and what form our buildings take should be responsive to the environment, site and client we serve. At Bemberg Architecture we always listen, research and gather information before beginning our design. This research based focus allows us to respond rather than react to the myriad of design problems that arise during the course of every project.

These values set us apart and ensure we come together in a holistic way to provide you with a environment conscious yet budget friendly approach to architecture. By keeping our time focused on the design process of a project, we are able to provide undivided attention to your project and fully focus on the details that will make your project vision unique to YOU. Choosing us means choosing an architect who is attentive to each and every step of the process. Which leads us to our next reason to choose us:

Our process


  • Project site measuring

  • Mapping/zoning

  • Building code analysis


  • Sketches

  • Models

  • Drawings


  • Engineer & consultant coordination

  • Plans drafts

  • Permit approvals

Last, but not least, reason for choosing us - our personable team! Our small team ensure consistency and continuity, so you always know who you're talking to when you have questions about your project. Meet the team below:

The Team

Max Bemberg is a proud St. Louisan and licensed architect in both Missouri and Washington State and is currently a part time Lecturer at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at his alma mater of Washington University in St. Louis. With over ten years of experience in designing and permitting a wide range of projects from small scale renovations to mid-rise apartment projects Max also is a strong supporter of the arts.

He is the co-founder and director of both the Seattle Demo Project as well as Hybrid Space. Max lives in the South Hampton neighborhood of St. Louis with his wife and two young kids and hopes to someday find some free time to fix up his old 356 currently rusting away in his garage.



Jazmin is in charge of the office day to day operations and brings a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm to the organization. She's been working with small businesses for the last four years and is currently completing her Master's in Organizational Leadership. Additionally, Jazmin is a Certified Yoga Instructor and teaches Yoga in Spanish once a month through the St. Louis County Library. Jazmin loves exploring in nature and you can most likely find her talking to a cute plant.

Robert is in the process of obtaining his Bachelors of Science degree at Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts and brings a host of skills and passions to Bemberg Architecture. Robert is a talented woodworker with an interest in building custom furniture. He has translated his interest in fabrication into our office through the installation of a new 3d printer and creation of many illustrative architectural models. In his spare time you can find Robert pounding away on the drums and building computers from scratch.