Who we are

Bemberg Architecture is an #St.LouisMade architectural practice that is passionate about bettering our community through responsive design that focuses on essentialness and resilience. Our goal in working with clients is to create lasting and beautiful communities to live, work, create, and play.

Why choose us

Design is on our mind 100% of the time.  This set us apart from "off the shelf" architectural design because choosing us means choosing an architect who is attentive to each and every step of the process. By keeping our time focused on the design process of a project, we are able to provide undivided attention to your project and fully focus on the details that will make your project vision unique to YOU.

Our values


We are St. Louis born and raised! We know this city. We love this city. We offer intimate knowledge of this city. We are respectful of the history and culture of our beloved St. Louis neighborhoods. It is a key belief of Bemberg Architecture to learn from and preserve (where appropriate) the buildings and businesses that contribute to the character of the Lou. We want to have dialogues with the people and places in which a project blooms. We make room for everyone to have a seat at the design table so that we can create a more equitable and collective design.   


Bemberg Architecture knows that architectural design should respond to the needs of the present while also providing a providing essential, flexible and adaptable designs that can respond to future expansion or evolution. We are mindful of the lifecycle of our projects and aim to provide designs that can easily adapt to future needs without requiring massive structural interventions that cause undue cost and waste. Which brings us to our final value...  


Where we work, who we work for, and what we form should be responsive to the environment, the city, and the client we serve. At Bemberg Architecture we listen, research, and gather information before beginning our design. This research based focus allows us to respond rather than react to the myriad of design problems that arise during the course of every project. 

Our process

Feasibility Research

Project Design

Permit/Construction Drawings

About the owner

Max Bemberg is a proud St. Louisan and licensed architect in both Missouri and Washington State and is currently an adjunct professor at the Sam Fox School with Washington University in St.Louis. He has 18 years of experience in architectural design with adaptive reuse projects for residential and commercial buildings, historical renovations, custom single family homes, and apartment layout design and development.

In addition to his role as an architect, Max acts as both curator and creator through research projects, small & large scale installations, architectural interventions and collaborations with other designers, artists and performers. He is the co-founder and director of the Seattle Demo Project, a cross-disciplinary arts organization in the Pacific Northwest who utilizes soon to be demolished structures for the purposes of spatial and cultural exploration. He is also the co-founder and director of Hybrid Space, a community venue for art installations, performances and discussions about urbanism, art and architecture’s role in cities at large.

Max lives in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis with his wife and three young kids and hopes to someday find some free time to fix up his old 356.